Sarah Mallery: Grade 2 Interim Lead Teacher

Sarah Mallery grew up on a cattle ranch in New Mexico.  She loved working with animals on the ranch and enjoyed digging in the garden.  Her upbringing inspired her to include experiential, engaging, and hands-on activities in the classroom.  

Sarah received a bachelor’s degree in Diversified Liberal Arts and a teaching credential from the University of San Diego. She has taught pre-K through adult education in California, Costa Rica, Utah, New Mexico, and online for 14 years. She is also currently the part-time Program Manager for an online school where she has been teaching literacy for 3 years. She is passionate about reading instruction and brings learning to life! As a  professional, creative, and dedicated teacher, she ensures academic success by focusing on core knowledge, implementing innovative teaching strategies, and facilitating a respectful learning environment. Sarah’s goal is to positively influence the lives of children and to make learning a memorable, enriching experience.   Sarah and her husband, Shaun, have two daughters, Charlie and Kailia, who attend the Day School.  She looks forward to joining the wonderful SJDSDS community!