Why SJdS Day School?

San Juan del Sur Day School has provided quality English education to children of San Juan ages 18 months to 13 years for the past ten years. Our mission is to create a community of life long learners and responsible global citizens comprised of both Nicaraguan and International families. Our goal is to grow with our oldest students through high school by providing them with a safe, creative, sustainable campus that prepares them to go on to higher education, enter the workforce, and give back to the community. Without our school, many of our talented students may not have the resources and opportunities to earn the necessary education to become international learners.  San Juan del Sur Day School is also an accredited Nicaraguan school via MINED (Ministerio de Educación en Nicaragua).

English Education

San Juan del Sur Day School benefits, not only the community of San Juan del Sur by keeping and attracting resourceful, global citizens with entrepreneurial spirits, but it also educates local children so that they can be more productive members of society, using their education and critical thinking skills to help create jobs, take care of their families and our resources. San Juan del Sur Day School currently provides scholarships or financial aid to approximately 20% of our students with the goal of sustaining 30% of our total student body with educational assistance in the near future. Funding for these scholarships is generated via school tuition and individual sponsors.  If you would like to sponsor a scholarship for a well deserving student, please contact us!

International Community

Of the 130 students currently enrolled in the school, approximately one quarter are local Nicaraguans, one quarter  have one Nicaraguan and one expat parent and the other half are “expats” (hailing from all over the world, including Canada, U.S., Russia, Germany, Costa Rica, Holland, Spain, Cuba and Ireland)

An international education offers the opportunity to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance and to develop a positive regard and awareness of other people. This is an education that goes far beyond the confines of the classroom and sees in the learning process the chance for some remarkable lessons. An appreciation of different cultures and backgrounds creates a sense of openness and understanding that enables students to work well with others and for many, to lead people with different viewpoints in a cohesive team. A key factor for success in adulthood is a child’s ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds. We see an opportunity to develop cross-cultural understanding, an international outlook and an ability to build quality relationships with people from different backgrounds.

Portable Education

The appeal of San Juan del Sur Day School is great for many of our multi-cultural families. Our curriculum, utilizing the core values of Constructivist education, and also incorporating standards outlined by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education, provides students with a high quality portable education that will stand them in good stead whether they move on to a new country or remain in Nicaragua. By following the model of the IB schools and beginning the rigorous process to obtain International English School Accreditation, our students will be well prepared to thrive in any educational setting.

Almost half of our students come from blended Nicaraguan/Expatriate families. These families seek an education for their children that will soon be accredited in both Nicaragua and internationally, giving their children the opportunity to seamlessly continue their education in either of their home countries. Furthermore, by sending their children to SJdS Day School, our parents are reinforcing their children’s exposure to the two languages and cultures taught at home: English, the primary language of instruction, as well as Spanish via other students, teaching assistants, and formal lessons.