Attendance Policy / Reporting Absences

School attendance is essential for successful learning, social/emotional development and scholastic growth.  Few factors are more closely associated with academic success than school attendance.  Students need to be in the classroom to benefit from the teacher’s guidance and from the interaction and exchange of ideas with peers.  Excessive absences affect the culture of the classroom, where the faculty seeks to build a community of learners.  The spirit of the learning process, exciting ideas, hands-on activities, and group discussions are challenging to recreate after an absence.  We adhere to MINED’s goal of 95% school attendance.  Chronically absent is defined as missing 10% or more of total school days for the year.  Families of students struggling with chronic illness, family emergencies, and other unavoidable absences should contact school administration directly to discuss details further.  

Punctuality is of equal importance, as it helps students to start the day in an organized manner, establish routines and instill time management skills and a strong work ethic.   It helps your child develop a sense of responsibility and respect by remaining and returning to school at the appropriate times (8:40 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.).  

Holidays, vacations and early dismissal days are clearly noted in the school calendar.  Please note these special times and plan your trips and appointments accordingly.  


Parents are expected to report absences to Alba Espinoza in the the school administration office either by:
-Phone: +505 8464-5212 
-Email: AND copy the student’s homeroom teacher

Students in grades 6 and up are also expected to contact their teachers via email about missing class and expectations of classwork while they are away. Teacher emails can be found on the school faculty page.

School Administration will contact families of students who have more than two consecutive absences and who have yet to make contact with the school.


If a student needs to arrive late to school or depart early, parents should park in the first parking lot on campus and walk over to the attendance office by primary school to sign the child in or out with Alba Espinoza.