EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM (preschool – kindergarten)

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Our Early Childhood Program encompasses preschool (age 2) thru kindergarten (5, turning 6). It is a half day program from 8:30 am – 12:25 pm. Children learn and thrive in a hands-on, inquiry-based, and enriched program that fosters active learning, positive social connections, and foundational skills necessary for a successful transition to primary school. Students engage in play-based learning, circle time, and plenty of outdoor activities. Children in prek and older also have swimming lessons one day per week. Parents seeking a full day option for their young children should contact us for information on our Extended Day Program (12:25 – 3:00 pm).

PRIMARY SCHOOL (grades 1-5)

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Our primary school program serves children in grades 1-5. It is a full day program, with academics, meals, and recess from 8:30 am – 2:45 pm. In small classes and supportive morning meeting settings with one lead teacher, students build skills in reading, writing, mathematics, humanities, science, and art, as well as take time to further develop social/emotional skills. Teachers use an inquiry-based approach, where student learning is structured around one of our 6 units of study and a topic of interest that the children wish to pursue in depth during daily project time. Students also meet with specialist teachers each week for classes in Spanish, health, and physical education

MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL (grades 6-11; 12th grade to be added as our current students age up)

Upper School
Our middle school and high school currently educates students in grade 6-11. It is a full day program, with academics, meals, and recess from 8:30 am – 2:45 pm.  When students enter 6th grade, they shift geographically to the middle school/high school building; however, we actively work to maintain a cohesive community during this year of significant academic, social, emotional, and developmental transition. Sixth grade students have one lead teacher for the majority of subjects, but meet with specialist teachers for some subjects, gradually introducing them to the concept of schedule rotation.

As our students enter seventh grade, we provide additional opportunities for independence and autonomy. Upper School students rotate through subject-based teachers in an engaging program that includes mathematics, English, humanities, science, Spanish, art, health, and physical education. Students are assigned to some courses based on their grade level; students are enrolled in other courses (such as math and foreign language) based on their level of proficiency.