Online Program

The current world situation and need for distance learning at this time has lead us to explore some of the incredible benefits of online education.
In addition to our on-campus program, we are reimagining the classroom to create more flexibility for families who like to travel or who divide their time between multiple locations and support the needs of students who may be in and out of the classroom.

Online Program

Our Online Program was originally created in response to the Global Pandemic of Covid-19. This eye-opening experience encouraged us to pivot and create an opportunity to reach a greater number of students, as well as for our school to grow and thrive.

The Online Program Option is designed for students who want to be fully enrolled in the Day School even though they spend the majority of their time off campus. When the student is in San Juan Del Sur they are welcome to attend school on campus, up to a maximum of three months out of the academic year.

Students in the Online Program benefit from:

  • daily lessons, links, activities and instruction on our online educational platform SeeSaw;
  • daily Zoom meetings with their class;
  • weekly one-on-one meetings with their lead teacher;
  • regular check-ins with our Online Coordinator; and
  • grading and feedback on all completed assignments.

Our Online Program also helps our entire school community by supporting our on-campus students to complete homework and to continue with their class work when they are sick or traveling.

While our Online Program can’t replicate our On Campus Program experience exactly, it does provide these students with connection, accountability, guidance and support to be successful students.


For more information, please contact our Online Education Coordinator, Mateo Borror:

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