San Juan del Sur Day School

Growth & Transformations

from a small seeda mighty trunk may growThere is no better metaphor for the growth of a school than the planting of a tree.  It has been a tremendous year of growth and transformations for San Juan del Sur Day School.  In early 2014, Director Julie Speier planted a seed, seeking land on which to cultivate a new school campus.
This call to action was answered by the generous team at Finca Las Nubes. In February of 2014, the Roberston Family selflessly donated nearly 30 acres of stunning land to San Juan del Sur Day School.

In March 2014, we launched a fundraising campaign to help raise money to build the school. Exactly one year later, in March 2015, Director Julie Speier and Los Rayos students hammered in the first stake of the new school, officially breaking ground and spreading roots. Throughout March and April, 2015, Chris Robertson and his fantastic construction crew worked tirelessly to dig the foundation and build walls. By the end of June 2015, the roof was on. In mid-July, the floors went in, dirt was graded for the playground, and trees were planted. On July 15, 2015, students and teachers celebrated their last day of school at the beloved Talanguera school campus. During the summer break, the FLN team and San Juan del Sur Day School teachers, staff, parents, and friends worked round the clock to nurture the school, packing, moving, prepping, and more.  And on August 11, 2015, the wonderful new San Juan del Sur Day School campus at Finca las Nubes officially stretched its branches, opening its doors to greet 65 blossoming students.  Please join us on this video journey of the growth of the new campus for San Juan del Sur Day School at Finca las Nubes.  We invite you to visit our “Grow With Us” page to learn how you can help our students and teachers flourish.  Thank you to our wonderful community of family and friends – both here and abroad – for helping us to thrive.

Lose your money for a great cause!

The new school building at Finca Las Nubes is coming along beautifully! Doors are set to open after the summer break on August 11. We are now raising money towards the purchase of a school bus in order to transport our wonderful students to their new school. To help the cause, San Juan del Sur Day School, in collaboration with Big Wave Dave’s, is hosting a Casino Night and Silent Auction on Thursday, July 9. Please join us and lose some money for a great cause!

If you don’t play poker, then come and bid on some awesome auction items including:
-a half day sail with Pelican Eyes Hotel and Resort,
-a yoga 10 pack with Zen Yoga Nicaragua,
-handmade pillows courtesy of Isabel Sophia,
-a massage at the Elixir Center,
-rappelling with Aracne Rappelling Tours and zip line with Da’ Flying Frog Adventures,
-an overnight stay at Rancho Chilamate – Nica Horseback Adventures,
-gift certificates from BRUSH YOUR HAIR Barbalon by Justin Bobby Brescia – Natasha Lazdins
-dinner at El Jardin – 4 hours of babysitting included
-an overnight at Playa Coco Townhouses
-Jewelry made by Krystina Benck
-gift certificates to Chica Brava surf shop



San Juan del Sur Day School Collaborates with Escuela Adelante

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce the first step in a formal collaboration with Escuela Adelante. It has been the mission of San Juan del Sur Day School to provide a high quality International English education to the children of our community and we have been doing so to a small group for the past six years. It is Escuela Adelante’s mission to make a high quality International English education accessible to more children in the area. They have been working to accomplish this mission through the offering of STEM based ESL classes after school in the library. They are now helping to make it possible for a select number of qualified students to attend San Juan del Sur Day school through their generous sponsorship. These new students are hard working, enthusiastic, motivated and respectful students who are also receiving the support and encouragement from home that it takes to succeed. This step in integrating more fully with our local community helps to make our school more rich in cultural and socioeconomic diversity. We look forward to this ongoing collaboration with Escuela Adelante and are grateful for the opportunity to work with such dynamic and deserving students.

Casa Llanta/ Comunidad Connect Carizal exchange with SJdS Day School


Students from San Juan del Sur Day School’s afternoon program visited with students of the El Carizal EFL program in September.  19 students from SJDS Day school and 26 from Carizal got together to read, play, and share. It was a terrific afternoon that we hope to continue monthly with students alternating between visits to El Carizal and SJdS Day School.  Thank you to all the teachers and students for a fantastic afternoon and to Comunidad Connect, Mara Caryl Jacobsohn and the Casa Llanta Fund for making it happen.  To view the complete album, please visit our Facebook page.

The Super Space School Trip

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Surf Program Begins!

San Juan del Sur Day School has officially launched its first surf program!  Those students who pass a challenging swim test with director/surf and swim instructor, Julie Speier, are eligible to participate.  Surf class takes place in the Bay of San Juan on Wednesday mornings when conditions allow.  Students are already catching waves, standing up and having a wonderful time!  To view the complete album, visit us on our Facebook page.

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