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We are located just 2 miles from the center of town on the organic farm at Finca Las Nubes (Cloud Farm), some 1200 to toucan1500 ft high on a plateau.  The farm has spectacular views of Costa Rica to the south, miles of beaches to the west and volcanoes rising out of Lake Nicaragua to the east. There are protected valleys for farming and large open pastures for grazing animals surrounded by natural forest with creeks and waterfalls. There is abundant wildlife including three types of monkeys, sloth, deer and many bird species.

Finca Las Nubes is an intentional community. The intent is to create a sustainable lifestyle through partnership with local community. The goals are to preserve nature for future generations while creating a continually improving, sustainable, self-sufficient and low impact community. FLN places an emphasis on stewardship of the land while developing full range of farm products through various sustainable technologies.

We hope to learn humility, graciousness and indigenous knowledge of plants and nature from our local neighbors. We IMG_2180hope to inspire and empower them with knowledge, experience and resources to create a better model of how to live on the planet together. Respect is the most important part of all, respect for people, respect for nature and a healthy respect for the rights of future generations. We want to leave this place a better place than we found it. ~from

School Phone Number: +505 8464.5212
(answered during school hours M-F: 8:00 am – 2:45 pm)

Located at Finca Las Nubes
Km 136 Carretera NIC-16
C. La Cuesta 48600
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

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*Please note that taxis are prohibited from entering Finca las Nubes with the exception of

Chicobetto: 86349883
Freddy: 82145532
Hertie: 86640111


It is approximately 3.5 km or 5 minutes from Pali to the entrance to Finca Las Nubes

1. From PALI, turn RIGHT out of the parking lot onto the main road
(turn away from town, as if you are heading towards La Virgen)

2. You will pass the entrance to Villas de Palermo (on your LEFT)

3. You will pass a large Ferreteria San Juan (on your RIGHT)

4. You will pass the entrance to Camino del Sol (on your RIGHT)

5. TURN LEFT when you see the sign for Peace & Cake Bakery/ San Juan del Sur Day School

6. If you reach Parque Aventura, you have gone too far.

Once thru the gate, follow the only road up for approximately 3 minutes or 1 km. You will see the school on your LEFT. On a dry day, 4WD is not necessary to reach the school, but we strongly encourage using it when possible.

Please drive with caution, remembering that there will be cars both entering and exiting. There are some narrow sections of the road that fit only one car at a time.