Family Stories: Patrick & Nick

Patrick (8) and Nick (6) Moran
Born and raised on a farm in San Juan del Sur, Alfredo Moran always wanted to learn English as a child, but it was not within his parents’ means. Now, as a single father of three young boys, Patrick, Nick, and Alfredo, he feels strongly that learning English and becoming bilingual is imperative to their growth and education. “As a father my wish is that my boys learn this incredibly valuable tool and that they triumph and become professional, respected, bilingual people who look out for others and are a credit to their society.” -Alfredo Moran [translated from Spanish]

Patrick, age 8, was recommended to San Juan del Sur Day School’s scholarship program by Comunidad Connect and enrolled with the school in February of 2013. In his first year at SJdS Day School, Patrick attained a proficient grasp of the English language and become an integral member of the SJdS Day School community. Now, with two more years at the school, his English is excellent and the school us proud to consider him a fluent/bilingual student. He even helps other English-speaking students with their Spanish work and translations. He has demonstrated an aptitude for geography and science and reads voraciously in both English and Spanish. Dad Alfredo shared that, “Patrick used to tell me, ever since he was really little, that when I was ancient and he was big he would take care of me and his brothers because he would do great things. Thanks to San Juan del Sur Day School, he is already on his path. I remember one night, we were watching cartoons in English and I didn’t understand what they were saying. I asked Patrick and he was my interpreter. He was funny and it left a lasting impression that my child knew more than me. I was so proud knowing that he was learning English”

Coming home to his family everyday with tales of school adventures, Patrick inspired his little brother, Nick, age 6, to attend SJdS Day school and to become bilingual, as well. Never shy, Nick began school in August 2015 and hasn’t stopped talking since! In less than a year, Nick has shown significant improvements in his grasp of the English language. His teachers say that he is eager to learn, a great friend to all, and is learning to make positive choices. “Nick’s told me he’s learned so many things like the colors, numbers, greetings, and animal names. He has so many little friends, both nationals and foreigners, at school and they communicate in English and Spanish. It’s amazing to see, listening to my son when I leave him at school saying, “Good morning teacher!” I’m moved and almost want to cry with joy. I know that soon he’ll master English. I’m so proud of him. Good teachers and teaching are the foundation of everything.” –Alfredo Moran