San Juan del Sur Day School



We are thrilled to announce that San Juan del Sur Day School has officially begun the process for international school accreditation with Cognia.  We are currently considered to be in the applicant stage, preparing for our first readiness evaluation.  “Based…

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The Perfect Setting

Finca las Nubes provides the perfect backdrop for learning inspired by the great outdoors.  While some portion of daily instruction takes place within the walls of our buildings, our teachers also utilize the farm as a second classroom.  From nature…

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More than Four Reasons for Recess

At play, a child “behaves above his daily behavior, … as though he were a head taller than himself.”  ~Lev Vygotsky As we witness the decline in recess, as well as outdoor play throughout preschool and elementary schools across the…

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Fauna at the Finca: 7 Awesome Animal Sightings

Did you know that San Juan del Sur Day School is located on a cloud farm? Finca las Nubes, as it’s aptly named in Spanish, is located a mere two kilometers from the beach and the heart of town. Yet,…

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