“I have a child at the Day school and spend a lot of time volunteering there and I can tell you that it is the greatest gift you could ever give your kids. The quality of the teachers, the beautiful nature all around, and the wholistic and experiential approach to education make it a dream come true for our family and the main reason we choose to live here. Beyond education, this school is making good people.”
~Kat (parent to a Bananiño; pre-k)

“Yan lleva en la San Juan del Sur Day School desde que cumplió los 18 meses, ahora ya tiene 6, posiblemente sea el alumno más antiguo. Yan es feliz allí, va sonriendo y vuelve sonriendo, aprende jugando, de conceptos como “respeto”, “amabilidad” “responsabilidad· o “compartir el planeta” estudia las palabras, los sonidos y luego las letras, ejercita los números y sobre todo aprende a pensar, a cuestionarse así mismo. Y todo, en un medio natural, visitando a las vacas, cuidando el jardín u observando como crecen las plantas del huerto.  Su mama y yo, como padres, no deseamos tanto que aprenda desde ya los números o las letras, pero si queremos que nuestro hijo aprenda a pensar, a organizarse, a dar respuesta, con su lógica, a las preguntas que le hace la vida. Es una cuestión de método y la Day School ofrece una metodología acorde con nuestros valores éticos, morales y pedagógicos.
~Jorge (parent to a Rayo; grade 1 & 2)

“We are in Nicaragua working with a non-profit and were allowed to choose anywhere to live in the country. The top reason we chose to live in San Juan del Sur was because of the Day School. We wanted our son at this school for so many reasons. First, we love the philosophy that kids learn through play and the emphasis on constructivist and project based methodologies. And, the teachers don’t just believe this; they actually live it out every day in the way they teach! Second, we love that the curriculum is value based, and our son is not only getting a solid education but also learning how to be a good global citizen. And, finally, we love the sense of community and friendship that the school provides both for our son and for parents. We are so thankful to be living where there is a school that our son is excited to go every day!”
~Desiree (parent to a Tigre; kindergarten)

“We just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our time at San Juan del Sur Day School!  The kids feel even further ahead in their classes here in Canada!  Not only did they have an amazing time and build lasting friendships, but they also learned so much that I feel they just couldn’t experience here!  Thank you!”
~Terri (parent to a Toro; grade 3-4 and to Panteras; grade 5-7