San Juan del Sur Day School welcomes applicants from all nationalities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We seek to attract motivated, creative and curious students who will take full advantage of all our school has to offer.

If you’re interested in joining the San Juan del Sur Day School community, our staff wants to meet you! Before submitting an application, please take some time to explore our site and review our school handbook which outlines all important policies, schedules, and our rates.

Once you feel knowledgeable about our policies and practices, follow the simple steps below to ensure a successful admissions process:

~Email Assistant Director, Sarah Fahey, to request a copy of the parent handbook and admissions forms:  In your email, please include names and birth dates for all children applying to the school.  Please also note desired start date and length of time you intend to enroll

~Complete the admissions packet in full.  Incomplete applications will not be considered.
      1) Application forms below which include general information regarding:
                    a. family and applicant,
                    b. principal or counselor recommendation, and
                    c. teacher recommendation
      2) Copy of applicant’s transcripts or report cards from previous school
(this is a non-negotiable requirement per Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education)

     3) Copy of applicant’s birth certificate or passport

     4) Copy of parents’ passports or cedulas in case of Nicaraguan residency

     5) Background check/police report for all parents/guardians of child

     6) Child’s health record

     7) Copy of previous Independent Education Plans (IEP’s) if applicable and other recommendations from service providers (OT/PT, etc)

     8) Traslado if child previously attended a different school in Nicaragua

     9) If parents are divorced/not co-parenting/not relocating together, please provide a copy of a legal custody agreement, as well as proof of permission for the child to live abroad.

~Once a completed admissions packet has been submitted, our admissions committee will review all information and contact you to set up a time for a parent interview, as well as assessments and interviews with all children who are applying.

*Please note that if a child is accepted at San Juan del Sur Day School and enrolls, Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education (MINED) will then require all transcripts to be apostilled and submitted to the admissions office.