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So many teachers are experiencing burnout. In a world still grappling with the academic consequences of Covid-19, many public school teachers have felt the weight of balancing the safety of their students with ensuring their classrooms remain joyful learning environments. Frankly, it’s hard. We know what it feels like to feel overwhelmed going to work. 

But all that can change.  

At San Juan del Sur Day School, we are proud to offer a unique experience for educators to fall in love with being in the classroom again. Our one year fellowships create the perfect environment for K-12 teachers from around the world to learn a different style of teaching, improve foreign language proficiency, and return to the their home country with a renewed passion for their chosen profession.

What our fellows will gain:

A nature-based classroom. Our mountainside school boasts a beautiful indoor/outdoor learning environment. We believe incorporating nature into our daily lives is of paramount importance, and we take the responsibility to our planet seriously. Our students, from our youngest (2) to our oldest (16) cultivate a love of nature through their daily routines and rhythms at school – and so will you!

True diversity. We serve a thriving international community, with a student population of roughly 40% local Nicaraguan and 60% international students whose families have relocated to SJDS from over 20 different countries. 25% of our student body relies on financial assistance to attend SJDSDS, making it a haven for students of all backgrounds. We believe strongly that building cross-cultural understanding in our students is a key to future success. 

Foreign language proficiency. Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? Maybe you speak a little, but haven’t gotten the opportunity to practice in a long time. At SJDSDS, English is our instructional language – however, we’re very committed to nurturing Nicaraguan culture, which means encouraging Spanish in conversations among our students and teachers, as well as in formal lessons.

Experience in an internationally accredited environment. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently been accredited by Cognia, an esteemed international accrediting body.

We know how taxing it is to be a good teacher – how much of your time, your resources, and your emotional energy you pour into your students each year. We know you want to make a difference and find meaning in your work. More than anything, we know that most teachers simply need a break.

A sabbatical in San Juan del Sur will allow you to reconnect with the reasons you got into teaching while enjoying one of the world’s most beautiful places. Upon your return to your home country, you’ll have learned an alternate style of education that prioritizes the natural world, entrepreneurship, and deepened cross-cultural understanding.

Join our fabulous and fun faculty at San Juan del Sur Day School!  The Day School seeks exceptional people of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences who reflect and support our mission-driven commitment to academic excellence and to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive community.

Experience the reset you’re craving. Apply for our fellowship today.  Contact jointheteam@sanjuandelsurdayschool.com for more information.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

 Learning Differences Specialist: K-11

We are seeking a dedicaed learning specialist to provide individualized academic support to students with diverse needs. Candidate will work closely with students, teachers, and parents to develop and implement learning strategies and educational plans tailored to each student’s particular learning style, in order to help support academic progress and social/emotional growth. 

To be successful as a learning specialist, candidates should have an insightful understanding of effective teaching methods for different learning styles and aptitudes. The top candidate will have excellent listening and observational skills, as well as an empathetic mindset.


  • Create lesson plans to meet students’ needs based on data collected during evaluations
  • Conduct individual or group lessons with students, parents, or teachers to improve academic skills in a specific area such as reading comprehension or math computation
  • Observe students’ behavior in the classroom to identify any situations that may affect the student’s ability to learn
  • Administer assessments to discern learning disabilities or progress toward goals
  • Develop individualized plans for students who have special learning needs based on specific criteria such as physical disability, learning disability, or mental disability
  • Help parents to understand their child’s learning style so they can support the child’s learning at home
  • Collaborate with teachers and staff to set child up for success in the classroom
  • Keep up to date with new developments in teaching methods and educational psychology.Learning Specialist Requirements:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, preferably with focus on Special Education (Master’s preferred).
  • Experience teaching students in a variety of classes and age groups.
  • Extensive knowledge of learning differences and strategies.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively with students, teachers, parents, and school administration.
  • Passion for bettering the lives of students.

Please submit resume, cover letter and references to: jointheteam@sanjuandelsurdayschool.com

San Juan del Sur Day School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, national origin, or ancestry.